T'Pol and Amanda, having fun before they start killing

Corporal Amanda Cole is some super-hot Hottie stationed aboard the Enterprise under Jonathan Archer. Despite her job as the ships big boob wonder (apparently, T'Pol never wanted to do this job as she had already enough to do in doing all the work for Archer so he could look just cool) she is a (very bad) soldier. She holds the friendly fire record in her squad with 13 members killed and 25 heavily injured. One night, after she and her comrades had drunken too much again, she decided that she (hungry for men as ever) should try out Extreme Commander Tucker, so she started dating him. This led to certain conflicts with T'Pol, who had just gotten into her Pon'Farr and wanted to use Commander Tucker for this. When she saw Cole and Tucker kissing, she got jealous, took out her secret Vulcan Knife and killed both Cole and Tucker before realizing that she needed Tucker for her Pon'Farr. When she became aware of what she'd done, T'Pol took Dr. Phlox instead. ENT:Harbinger