The Aotwians were a humanoid species encountered by at least four Federation starships (three of which were named Enterprise), each for approximately 45-50 minutes per encounter.


The planet Aotwia was surrounded by subspace variances and other spatial anomalies which caused unusual behavior among the crews of orbiting ships. Also, the planet spontaneously generated a wormhole through which it traveled in 2370 from its original location in the Alpha Quadrant to a new solar system 70,000 light-years away in the Delta Quadrant.


Aotwians resembled Humans except for their slight forehead ridges; some individuals also possessed unusual ears. Their females tended to be hot, and possessed a genetic inclination to pursue intimate cultural exchanges with first officers.


Aotwian culture evolved significantly between the years 2151 and 2378, though on each occasion in which Starfleet personnel interacted with Aotwians, their culture exhibited a new and distinct idiosyncrasy that gave Starfleet captains an opportunity to go into a long-winded speech about how much more enlightened the Federation was. Aotwia never joined the Federation despite these speeches—which were always met with awed reverence by progressive individual Aotwians who would later be killed by their more conservative brethren.

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