7 of 9 is one of the hottest plot devices ever to have been created. Assimilated at a young age as Annika Hannsen, she spent most of her life developing as a Borg Drone. The Borg Collective spent many years re-inventing the 1940s pointy bra and trying to understand how to get a suit tight enough to leave nothing to the imagination to be fitted onto her awesome body; however it once again took humans to show the Borg what little they knew about fashion, and other...humanly things...

Description:  boobs as big as a sun and heavy as a black hole, and hips as wide as 2 light years.  she will play with yio ass long as you wahnt to have *_)&(*)_&&*%^$&*(%, beacuse in that voyager episode where doc and belana went to fix a hologram who would kill you if you didnt want to have sex with him, harry convinced seven that prostitution was the only way humans ever had sex got her to start the Harrys House Of Pleasers.

Life on Voyager/Voyeur[]

After her connection to the Collective had been severed in a ploy by Kathryn Janeway of the stranded Starfleet vessels U.S.S. Voyager and U.S.S. Voyeur, she eventually became integrated with each crew, despite everyone constantly talking about her "implants." However, her bond was closely shared with Janeway, who encouraged Seven get in touch with her humanity. Of course, this was the desired outcome of Kathryn's ploy, who after being left unsatisfied by every man and Talaxian aboard the ship, figured if she was gonna make out with a chick, it might as well be one easily coerced. Her plan succeded beyond the dreams of avarice. As a matter of fact, it satisfied appetites both subtle and gross.

Informal reports have recently emerged about the first meeting between Seven and Commander Chakotay. Apparently, the first question Seven asked Commander Chakotay was, "Is that a phaser in your pocket?" According to witnesses, Chakotay's reply was "It's a hologram."

"I'm detecting two gravimetric distortions on your upper torso, Seven."

Relationship with Janeway[]

Eventually the two became closer than anticipated, and as a result the pants of geeks around the world went into self-destruct mode (infer from that what you will). Throughout her stay on the ships, she would go on to be a crucial focal point for many plotlines (out of favour of Major West who is, of course, still sad), which often involved her superpowering the ship in order to defeat The Borg many times. Even in less Seven-heavy episodes, she (or her magnificent boobs) was still in about every frame.

She remained with the crews of both Federation ships as they returned to Earth in the Alpha Quadrant, in the series finale: Checkmate .