Deanna Troi after having sex with Bajoran Resistance Fighter Kira Nerys in 2368

"So, how's the broiled goat kidney, counselor? ... Counselor?"

Someone put this image on this page without bothering to give it a witty caption. Ah, humor wikis. Anyway, back to ogling. (well, nipples?)

Deanna Troi – also known as Deena Troi and Deanna of Troy and Vageanna Troillop when working as a stripper and as an enlarger for the male crew men who often showed up for grief counseling – was a Betazoid shrink on the USS Enterprise-D. She was known for her propensity to crash vessels when commanding them. Historians believe Troi was singlehandedly responsible for Starfleet's decision to create General Order Eleventy-Three: "No Starfleet officer shall for any reason give command of their starship to Deanna Troi."

Family and relationships[]

Her mother, Lwaxana Troi, was a horny girl, attending all marriages naked in order to do it with the groom (see Hot 'n' Heavin' ;P). It was due to her pressure that Troi temporarily became a stripper.

She got married (finally!) to Million Balls Riker and the two took command of the USS Titan, so named after Troi saw Riker's d***. However, she continued a cyberlesbian relationship with Beverly Crusher in secret.