You're in our neighborhood now, Jack.

Janeway's Adventures[]

The Delta Quadrant is the place where Captain Kathryn Janeway was killed, resurrected, assimilated, and later decided that coffee was indeed her favorite drink. During her time in there on the starships Voyager, Voyeur, and Equilateral Triangle, she found:

  • "Kes", a crazy alien who attempted suicide multiple times, attempted to kill herself more than once, and most importantly, almost destroyed herself when she ate a muffin from the bakery "Bakerious Detheaous" (translated "Baker's Death") on the planet Cheeziest, home of the Borg form of macaroni.
  • "Seven of Nine, Tursheary (ter-she-airy) adjunct of Unimatrix 01.635", or "01.635". Also found was Surgot, who later became a mantleplace in Captain Chuckles' regeneration alcove.
  • Many, many things that Janeway decided should not happen and were ordered to cease having happened.
  • That the Delta Quadrant had many more time travel opportunities per cubic light year than any other area in the universe except for 20th century Earth and anywhere Jonathan Archer was.
  • Large amounts of pissed off new life forms and new civilizations.

Other things of note[]

James R. Kirk also came here in the 23rd century to check to see if the Borg were still on bad terms with him, and they were. When Captain Pee-Card came looking for him in Star Trek Movie, Bringing Back Borg Baby, only to lead his crew into an undesirable state named New Mexico, where illegal immigrants then hijacked his vessel.