I can here them down there T'Pol. Milling about and singing our praises.

Along with World War III, the Earth-Romulan War is an event in Star Trek's past that fans have been wanting to see and learn about since the late 1960s. And you'd think someone at Paramount Pictures would have tried to make money of this at some point since the Moon Landing.

And if the "mini-arc" (I like how that term is often spoken with religous reverence) of ENT crapfest Babel On, etc., is spoken from any one of your goddamn mouths, I will personally burn down your home. Or your apartment.

Oh hell, who am I kidding. All the Enterprise fans still live in their parents' basements

. So, now you've dragged them in this to. You freakin' Coto worshipping bastards. I don't want to harm your parents, but you've now put them in harm's way. All they ever did for you. And now you've doomed them. Good job.

I may be an embittered man with no sleep for an undetermined period of time, way too much to deal with, and just a goddamn camelhump of fucking caffenine formed towards the middle of my back - but so help me I will erase the entire bloodline of those that spawned you if you dare to insinuate that the Romulan War was touched off by that Holo-Ship Drone/Magic Andorian (AND YEAH I CALLED THAT PASTY FUCKING BLUE MARTIAN AN ANDORIAN) Brain-Driven thing. I will kill every cast and crew member of Trekkdom except for Iggy Pop and Malcolm McDowell if you tell me that's the Federation's start.

I swear to forging GOD.

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