The original HUD in use, in fiery red and blueberry blue colors.

The HUD (Heads-up Display or Hi, U Die) is a technology used by Starfleet to increase weaponry efficiency and aim.



Captain Vegeta accidentally destroying his $1,000 HUD.

The HUD has been in use since the early 23rd century when they were first tested by the crew of the USS Vegeta at Arlia. (TAS: "Trouble on Arlia")

Over the years, Starfleet officers used the HUD displays when going into ground combat to increase the efficiency of their weaponry, with great success. With the HUD, Starfleet officers found that they could kill the opponent with 25.47% more accuracy.

On the other hand, Redshirts have found the HUD to be more of a nuisance since they find the colors of the HUD distracting.

Starfleet's USS Ultrabot, with HUD, in action.

Since the HUDs were mass-produced with monotriclaravrimate, they were easy to destroy. Many officers reported that simple drops of the HUD in the 23rd century would destroy the device. After the Late 23rd Century Wars ended, and due to this defect, production of the HUDs ceased. (TAS: "Secondary Cease Fire")

In the late 24th century, Starfleet developed the TR-116 rifle (that is just super cool, rates Starfleet Weapons Monthly magazine). Due to the rifle's use of transporter technology, Starfleet hired the race of Superman to develop a new HUD with x-ray vision. This time, Starfleet actually used good materials (lead and wood) to construct their HUDs. This new production proved successful, until Romulan Weapons Inc. decided to counterfeit the production, allowing every parent and child to own a HUD. (DS9: "Ring of Fire")