Captain Jack Bauer
Gender: Male
Species: 99/100 Human-1/100 Q
Born: July 1, 2339
Children: Ensign Kim Bauer
Actor: Kiefer Sutherland
"...the heart of an explorer, the soul of a killer, and the dick of a Kirk."
- Tasha Yar

Jack Bauer was a Starfleet Security officer with the rank of captain. He commanded the USS Relativity, but, on various occasions, would perform services on the CTU Los Angeles to protect the good of the United Federation of Planets.

Early Los Angeles/Relativity career[]

In 2368, during the Federation presidential elections, Jack Bauer was called to the Los Angeles to deal with a possible assassination attempt of candidate David Palmer. While he did so, his daughter, Kim Bauer was able to escape the Relativity and hung out with a group of "bad" friends on an Orion planet. After being informed of this, Jack left the Los Angeles to find his daughter. (ST24: "Day 1 Stardate 45010.0-45020.0")

With Teri Bauer taking care in locating Kim, Jack turned his attention to Scott Walsh, who had information on the possible hit on presidential candidate David Palmer. He secretly left the Los Angeles and went to Starbase Dunlop, where he came under fire by unknown hostiles. He was able to retrieve a data ID card with information, revealing that Nina Myers was a mole on the Los Angeles. (ST24: "Day 1 Stardate 45020.0-45030.0")

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