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Jonathan Frakes was an American actor, playwright and stage-manager in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. He is best remembered today for portraying William Riker on stage and in a now-lost film, Star Trek: Insurrection.

Frakes in one of those very special and ultra-rare time travel episodes, "Doctor Who meets Mark Twain in Space"

Frakes' most significant contributions to the franchise were in devising realistic stage settings and special sound and lighting effects, and, as an actor, in putting forth what he called the Illusion of the First Time, It Feels Like the First Time. The Very First Time.

His portrayal of Riker helped create the modern image of the first officer. His use of the beard (which first appeared in some Star Trek: Communicator illustrations by Boris Vallejo), and the curved belly became synonymous with the character.

He assumed the role onstage at conventions more than 1,300 times over thirty years, starred in a silent radio play based on his triumphant Star Trek: First Contact, and voiced the character twice in silent films.

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