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Supreme Overlord Janeway

Kathryn Janeway (a.k.a. QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE) was a 24th century starship captain who idolized Matt Decker and Ron Tracey.

She was particularly influenced by Fleet Captain Garth.

Despite her self-proclaimed adherence to Starfleet protocols and regulations, she inhaled copious amounts of helium while on duty, and single-handedly interfered with more developing species than any other starship captain not named Jonathan Archer.

Shenanigans in the Delta Quadrant

During her time in the Delta Quadrant, she tried out most of the men under her command (sometimes over, sometimes from behind, something from above, sometimes; kinda sideways, with one person facing up, and the other facing down), among these was Security Chief, Tactical Officer, Maquis Spy, and close friend Lt. Commander Tuvok.

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Tuvok: "do you have something to do tonight Captain..."

However, she eventually realised that no one on board her ship could satisfy her, after trying a bevy of Delta Quadrant males, she figured a female was the way to go. Taking advantage of the Borg Collective's losing battle with Species 8472, Janeway bartered with the Collective:

Janeway: "We will provide you with a way to defeat your enemy, and in return, we get safe passage through your space... and any spare female drones you'll have, even one, I... uhh, I mean, we'll take her.

Janeway: Haggling for hoes with the Collective

The Borg reluctantly agreed, and provided Janeway with former human drone Seven of Nine. Janeway put up a facade for a few weeks of reluctance of having the drone on board, but let her intentions be clear that she needed a new sexual partner, Seven found this to be a most intriguing offer, and agreed to be her bitch.


She commanded the starship USS Pequod to her doom (the ship and crew's doom, not Janeway's), which resulted in her promotion to Mega fleet admiral. Even after she was revealed to be a Romulan spy, she was still believed to be the greatest thing since French toast... or at least Romulan ale.

Life after Voyager

Between her and her crew's return to Earth in 2377 (Checkmate) and 2379, Janeway would become the first ever officer to be promoted to the rank of Mega Fleet Admiral, awarded for her covert work in the Delta Quadrant, ordered by Section 31, her influencing hundreds of cultures imprinting on those societies Federation Values, ensuring the United Federation of Planets Empire would be further expanded.

She later briefed Captain Jean-Luc Picard on his mission to Romulus to meet with new Reman Praetor Shinzon, for possible peace talks in 2379 (Star Trek Nemesis). She then debriefed him, if you know what we mean, and we think you do.

Kathryn Janeway was played by Katherine Hepburn.


"Chakotay, I bet you OVER NINE THOUSAND days of replicator rations that I can convince the next race we meet that I am Dr. Schwoop-Schwoop von SWAGadong of the Federation Starship YourMom."

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