Ensign Kim Bauer
Gender: Female
Sex: Oh dear God in Heaven, yes, please!
Species: 999/1000 Human-1/1000 Q
Born: July 1, 2349
Children: None
Actor: Elisha Cuthbert
"...she'll knock you up and down at the same time."
- William T. Riker

Kim Bauer was a Starfleet Medical officer with the rank of ensign. She served as a nurse on the USS Relativity with her father, Jack Bauer, in command. Although a member of Starfleet, she has been known to go about things her own way.

Early Relativity careerEdit


Ensign Kim Bauer in 2368

In 2368, during the Federation presidential elections, Kim Bauer left the Relativity (stealing a shuttle seconds before the bridge could lock her out, seal the shuttlebay doors, send security, or beam her out) to "hang out" with some friends on an Orion planet. Unfortunately, such action resulted in her being taken away in a shuttle by her boyfriend to an unknown location. While on the way, she was forced to call her mother to lie to her that she was going to an Orion slave party. When she was reluctant to do so, her arm was broken (OUCH!), and thus she did it anyways. (ST24: "Day 1 Stardate 45010.0-45020.0", "Day 1 Stardate 45020.0-45030.0")