LCARS system access 47
LCARS is a 24th century

user interface that is in use throughout all Starfleet

starships and installations. It is supposed to be the bestest UI that was ever devised.
Its main features are:
  • Uppercase letters only
  • Pretty boxes in many, many colors
  • Numerically coded labels for improved usability (see below)

Numbers and their meanings Edit

Because numbers are much easier to remember than text, especially when you're an Alien slave worker on board of one of the Starfleet ships, nearly all interface text was replaced with short numbers in the LCARS user interface:

This is used for all types of "OK" buttons.
As above, but for "Cancel" buttons.
12345? That's the same key I've got on my luggage!
In most contexts, buttons used to access the historical archive are labelled with this number. When used in a cyan-colored box, this may trigger the self-destruct sequence.
This is the private telephone number by User:Bp
Note: This list is incomplete, but I promise to go through my DVD collection frame by frame at some point to add more. I've got TNG seasons 1-3 and VOY seasons 3, 6 and 7. My friend has DS9 seasons 4-7, so if you could do the rest? OK?

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