Leeta, the sexy dabo girl

Leeta was a sexy Bajoran dabo girl who worked at Quark's on DS9. Dabo! How awesome was it when you first realized that the ginormously busty background Bajoran from Quark's bar was going to become a semi-regular player? First Leeta shacked up with Dr. Bashir, but she found true love with Rom, the least Ferengi-like Ferengi ever to have left Ferenginar. (Best. Sentence. Ever.) She helped unionize the workers at Quark's and also took part in Dax's zhian'tara ritual, which was a major success as the embodiment of Emony Dax inspired her to dance and leap and do leggy cartwheels around the room. Dabo!


Leeta had sex with men and women behind Rom's back. Leeta had sex with Kira and Jadzia in the holodeck in Quark's and later with Ezri Dax

To Risa[]

Leeta , Kira and Jadzia would go to Risa and have sex in their room and in the pool with some Orion slave girls. Leeta would say come over here Kira and sex me up. Kira would say sure Leeta, you're slut i will sex you up for free.

Hey, sailor[]

Leeta had sex with about half the modern crew of DS9. Below is a partial list of her sex partners: