Orion Pirates

Evil Orion pirates - Boo! Hiss!

Orion slave girls

Three Orion Animal Women. Yes, please.

Orions are green peoples from the star system Orion. Obviously.

The Orions used to have a vast and advanced interstellar civilization, but their society declined when they all decided to become space pirates and sex addicts. I can hardly argue with their logic!

Orion slave girls are known as the galaxy's finest wenches. Orion men are often brutal traders, slavers, pirates and the like. Up until the 23rd Century, Orion space was the last bastion of lawless hedonism in local space. 1 out of every 13 human deaths from 2100-2287 was related more or less to being sexed to death by Orion animal women. Eventually, the Federation ended Orion neutrality and a reformed Orion civilization become part of the galaxy. :(

However, this actually led to an upswing in deaths of Federation citizens. Almost 18% of the Earth's population alone travels to Orion at some point after they reach the age of 13. Most that do don't bother to leave.

All the 13 and up human males who come to Orion are aloud to ask to take home and have infinet amouts of sex any slave they wish, and evey time they are aloud to do so, and are allways given a full harem of 14 other girls who all rub their boobs and have sex with their new masters with un-dying.  And once you have had sex with each of them, you never age, and nither do they.  one other trait is that the ones you want look EXACTLY the way you want them to.