Sideways boobs
Sideways boobs
Sideways boobs
Sideways boobs



If that isn't a dirty, lustful stare.... I feel dirty just editing this.

Orion slave girls are the hottest thing since sliced bread, because they have firm, green boobs, and not much clothing to hide them.

Just have a look at the image to the right, where you can see that... mmmmh...

...oh, you still there? OK, where was I?

Yeah, Orion slave girls. They are not only green and hot, they are also being sold as slaves on various backwater planets. Dirty, dark planets, filled with even dirtier guys and their lustful stares... I assume I don't have to tell you what kind of slave business we're talking about, right?

Exactly, we're talking about sex slaves. Happy now? - because I know I am!

Orions are veeeeeerrrryyyy forward, and will jump in your bed with you if you so much as wink at one of them, also, when some one brakes in to a harem room full of them, first they mlow that person, then poke him; for that reson, people love to brake in on their home world.

Orion slave girls and Deuteranomates Edit

It has been reported by the Federation Bureau of Medical Science that Deuteranomates have a tendency to attract problems related to Orion slave girls.

These problems typically occur at frat parties, when a Deuteranomate walks up to a Dosi or Dreman female, exclaiming: "Hey, let's have sex! I'm paying!"

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List of Orion slave girls Edit

  • The one who was auctioned off while Archer was watching.
  • The one who lay on Archer's bed.
  • The one in the tight Starfleet uniform (Mirror universe only).
  • The one from Pike's dirty fantasies (Attention: Actually is a disfigured (and old!) starship crash survivor).

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