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Robert beltran

Robert Beltran, phoning in his performance as Chuckles, Captain Janeway's First Officer and love slave.

Robert Beltran is an actor. He was born, and he is still alive.

Bear with me - I don't know shit about that guy, and I'm too lazy to look up so-called "facts" right now. It's hard enough to make all these vitriolic remarks about a poor soul who just wanted some years of steady income and got what is probably the most underdeveloped role in modern television.


Beltran got a Golden Raspberry or two for the scene in which Chuckles first dated the Sexy Borg Chick. I mean, not only did this whole date thing come out of nowhere, just look at him. He just beamed into the quarters of the hottest girl on the far side of the Beta Quadrant border and makes a face as if he's being reprimanded for leaving the hangar deck door open again. Get a grip, Chuckles!!

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