Second Officer Spock, in temporary command.

Spock of Volcanoland was the son of a computer and an encyclopedia. He was the first Vulcan in Starfleet and he never, ever told a lie. Unless he felt like it.

Not terribly motivated, he served on one and only one starship from the day he left the Space Academy until he retired. As a reward for his unswerving loyalty, he was made an ambassador and immediately exiled to Romulus.

He had pointy ears, eaten animal flesh (and enjoyed it!), and didn't play well with others --especially cranky ship's surgeons. Some felt he was the best first officer in the Fleet, even though he had the charisma of a clam and was only rarely involved in ship's management.

After the Five Year Mission[]

"Hello, Starfleet Recruiting Office? Listen, I want to be all that I can be. Again."

Becoming a little burned out as the resident know-it-all, and tired of being hounded by persistent rumors of being James Kirk's t'hy'la, Spock resigned from Starfleet and returned to his homeworld.

After a few months of drifting from town to town with his cousin, Larry, Spock enrolled in the Kolinar program at Shi'kar Community College. No longer the smartest person in the room, Spock found he wasn't up to the challenge and dropped out.

Unwilling to accept the fact that he was not a big fish in a small pond, Spock turned to the bottle. Remembering that alcoholism was actually encouraged by Starfleet, he contacted the local recruiting office to see if his commission could reactivated.

Faster than you can say "look who made his quota this month," Spock was back in the fleet, saving Earth one cloud creature at a time. Star Trek: Cinderella Liberty.

Spock was underplayed by Leonard Nimoy.
He was also strangely played by Zachary Queerbag.
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He didn't look a bit like Matthew McConaughey ... phew...