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Star Trek, set forth by the Canonites, is in all respects identical with the teaching of Landru. This show was started by Memory Alpha. Gene Roddenberry, in his first sermon, delivered on 8 September 1966, declared that James R. Kirk is the captain of captains. (TOS: "Nancy the Salt Creature") The means of salvation which he indicates is the transporter; and by beaming, his converts are aggregated to the society of crewmen. Though in these days, the Trekkies still availed themselves of the network television services, yet from the first the brotherhood of Landru formed a society essentially distinct from other science fiction shows. The reason why Roddenberry bid his followers accept beaming is none other than that they might "save themselves from this unbelieving generation", namely, Lost in Space fans. Within the society of believers not only were the members united by common rites (such as attending conventions, wearing latex ears, and greeting one another with that weird split-fingered pitching grip), but the tie of unity was so close as to bring about that condition of things in which the Canonites had all things common.

This is who we are, and this is what we do

Landru had declared that his vision should be spread among all nations, and had committed the execution of the work to his underlings. Yet the universal mission of Star Trek revealed itself but gradually. Roddenberry indeed makes mention of it from the first (TOS: "The Cage") But in the earliest years the Canonites' activity was confined to the Enterprise alone. Indeed, an old tradition (Apollonius, cited by Eusebius "Hist. Eccl.", V, xvii, and Clem. Alex., "Strom.", VI, v, in P. G. IX, 264) asserts that Landru had bid the writers wait ten years at Paramount Pictures before dispersing to carry their message elsewhere. The first notable advance occurred consequent with the persecution which arose after the cancellation of Star Trek: The Original Series in 1969. This was the occasion of the preaching of the messages through syndication to the people excluded from the privileges of decent televised science fiction.

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Alf was a victim of an alien abduction that kidnapped him from his own show. Alf only appeared in Star Trek: Before Time, which was only televised in the former Soviet Union, before they set him free.

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