Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was TNG for adults. Sort of like Torchwood is to Doctor Who. Except that they couldn't swear on DS9. And it wasn't Welsh. And nobody was gay. At least not openly. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Oh, it includes Morn in almost half the episodes.

Deep Space Nine was the best and most important Star Trek show ever. It dealt with serious topics not ever seen before in Star Trek - like space, aliens, rayguns, morality, and religion. (grumble, fucking trekkie fucks, grumble)

Behind the Scenes
Lenara Kahn and Jadzia Dax kiss

Outside the Federation, beyond the Starfleet. Tracking down alien life in the Gamma Quadrant and arming the human race against the Dominion. The 24th century is when everything changes, and you've gotta be ready.

Deep Space Nine was originally developed as Deep Star Six, about an undersea base which was once held by Atlanteans but had been returned to the Lemurians.  But then the writers realized they had fallen asleep watching a movie of the same name on cable, and had eaten too much pizza.

Michelle Forbes was originally sought to play the role of Kira but she told everyone to piss off.  Jonathan Frakes unsuccessfully tried out for the role of Morn.  Harrison Ford never had anything to do with this production. 

The cast fondly remembers the Deep Space Nine craft services table, and many have shared memories over the years of the excellent janitorial services that were provided.

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