Enterprise (2001–2003)
Star Trek: Enterprise (2003–2005)----
Created by: Rick Berman and/or
Brannon Braga
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Original network: You-Pee-In
Production dates: 2001–2005
Original run: First episode to last episode
Episodes: 97 (4 or so seasons, got to count again)
Timespan: 2151-2155, 2161
The Enterprise (NX-01) Enterprise (NX-01)
The Enterprise senior staff) The cast of Star Trek: Enterprise
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Star Trek Enterprise (aka Star Trek: The One Nobody Saw) is the fifth live-action Star Trek series to be performed in front of a live studio audience. Created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga while watching episodes of Family Guy in their friend's basement, based upon Gene Roddenberry's original 1966ish Star Trek: The Original Series series. Enterprise was a prequel, in an attempt to garner increased ratings (*snickers*), which originally did not feature the title 'Star Trek', thus making it a series on it's own until viewers found it to similar to Star Trek. Once said people left their basement, they read their local TV Guide and found out that it actually was a Trek series.


People went somewhere and did nothing. What difference does it make, you probably didn't like this show anyway. Sod off guv.

If there is an opposite to everything in existence, this would be known as "Anti-Cannon."

There are some time traveling, but most times something bad happens. (then again, who cares)

At least Hoshi was hot. (Yeah... Right....)

Hoshi pailed in comparisain to T'pol, she would be considered ugly.

Main Cast[]

Production Crew[]

You all sucked.

Episode List[]

Title Episode Prodno. Date
Broken Bow 1x01/02 001 16 April 2151
Fight or Flight 1x03 003 6 May 2151
Strange New World 1x04 004 Unknown
Unexpected 1x05 005 Unknown
Terra Nova 1x06 006 Unknown
The Andorian Incident 1x07 007 Unknown
Breaking the Ice 1x08 008 Unknown
Civilization 1x09 009 31 July 2151
Fortunate Son 1x10 010 Unknown
Cold Front 1x11 011 9 September 2151
Silent Enemy 1x12 012 1 September 2151
Dear Doctor 1x13 013 Unknown
Sleeping Dogs 1x14 015 Unknown
Shadows of P'Jem 1x15 014 Unknown
Shuttlepod One 1x16 016 9 November 2151
Fusion 1x17 017 Unknown
Rogue Planet 1x18 018 Unknown
Acquisition 1x19 019 Unknown
Oasis 1x20 020 Unknown
Detained 1x21 021 Unknown
Vox Sola 1x22 022 Unknown
Fallen Hero 1x23 023 9 February 2152
Desert Crossing 1x24 024 12 February 2152
Two Days and Two Nights 1x25 025 18 February 2152
Shockwave 1x26 026 Unknown

Criticism, Reception, and Legacy[]

There were no good episodes of Enterprise. Not a one. This is a marvelous feat considering they had great actors and a big budget. The Captain was Scott Bakula, who was ordained a Saint by the Holy Church of Nerds back in 1992 for fuck's sake. Enterprise's greatest legacy shall forever be how badly it fucking sucked.

I mean, have a look at these!

  • Impulse - An episode where a ship has been found to be full of zombies. Despite this, it is boring and nigh unwatchable. This is something along the lines of making a cake out of sunshine, rainbows, and babies' laughter yet the end product tastes like shit covered in week old semen.
  • Bound- The one that contains half naked Orion slavegirl triplets and still manages to suck. TRIPLETS!
  • Unexpected- A holodeck malfunction story in an era without holodecks.
  • Dawn- A full-on goddamned inexcusable ripoff. I like to think Rick Berman will be one of the first casualties of the Drac invasion.

Some episodes do come close to being downright watchable. Carbon Creek, Dead Stop, Similitude, Observer Effect, and the two part series finale of Terra Prime and Demons can be viewed without causing serious vomiting.

Of course, we must also remember those wonderful moments of television Enterprise provided for us, the viewers. An entire episode on the virtue of genocide, decon paste orgies, and full-on sexism will always ring dearly in our hearts.


Video Games[]

In 1992, Vulcosoft, A Divison Of The Vulcan Entertainment Directorate developed a series of Archerde Games for the then famous Tricorder-Platform.