Every episode ended with a rip-snorting joke, usually at Data's expense, or in this case, Worf's.

Star Trek: the Next One was a TV series produced by The Terminator, and hacked up by a dying cat in need of a new kidney. It ran for 17 seasons, 3 episodes each, and was broadcasted on STRONBTYIPBTKEIAWCNBCWHBOA.


The season pilot was known as "Encounter at Anusland". Fans particully enjoyed WURF. The Klingonme with the ridges that look like Troy's *****.

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Trek Exclamations
KHAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!Ohh...shit!PA'TAK!Recalibrate the Deflector!NOOOOOOOO!!IT IS REEAAAL!It's a FAAAAKE!!!Hail them! | Fire Phasers! | Vorta have boobs! | Auto-Destruct in 5 seconds... 4, 3, 2...1Yes, sirNo, sir, and please don't shoot me like thatGFDL?! CC?! Copyrights?!! GAK!WHORE!SLUT!


John Luke Skywalker: This frenchmen, who was actually not French, was a 11 year old boy trapped inside the body of a 173 year old man. Throughout the series his main goal is to become his former self, only to find that doing this would stop him from going through puberty.

William Biker: 2nd in command of the Starship Tardass, this thing was a character created to piss everyone off, and he was quite succesful, the network knew the need for a character that everyone wanted to strangle with his bare hands. Throughout the series he has an odd obsession of riding his bike around the ship, usually resulting in the death of some crew members.

WURF: THIS DUDE HAS RIDGES THAT LOOK LIKE TROY'S P****!!!!! He was everyones favourite character throughout the series, and was portrayed by Snoop Dog. A particular fan favourite is when WURF is caught running a drug operation on the enterprise, but manages to inject a huge amount of memory loss drugs into the crew, making them forget everything!

Dr. Crush-her: Ugly @$$ B**** whos main purpose was to fail in saving millions of crewmembers from certain death and jump in bed with John Luke Skywalker at a moments notice.

Wesley Crush-her: Little Dumb F***

Troy: Lady who can read peoples mind and her ***** looks like WURF's Ridges!

Data: He was created by the Terminators in an attempt to destroy the Enterprise, but John Luke Skywalker welcomed him with open arms into the crew.

Geordi Light Saber: Blind dude who went back in time to create Reading Rainbow.

Recut episodes

Episode 12 
"Bridge Buffoonery"