So I see Bill, that they are putting your name above mine in the opening credits. Meyers' going to get his ass whoomped for that by me, Ricardo Montalban, Ass Whumper

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is the movie with Khaaaaaaaaaaan! and his brothers, Kahn, Khan, Khan Noonien Singh, and Jeffrey Albertson.

Startrek Movie 8388... oh shit, that's the stardate. Well, the real movie is about Khan, a drunk German dude from 1939. He was taken by Janeway to the Enterprise, shit it was Kirk, aaah, doesn't matter. Well, then Khan got pissed because you souls have led the invasion on Poland with the Botany Butt. The pointy ear bastard got killed by Kenny and Kenny got killed by Khan. But after a few minutes Tonda from the German movie Krabat goes flying with his broom, and he... wait, Tonda was killed in that movie... ha, no he wasn't, he was taken by Daniels because he wanted to have a friend. At last Khan got killed by the banidorm bastard's ship that was assimilated by the Borg at constellation Dick Wolf 359. It really sucks that Spock dies, I see the look on your face, well no, Bones has a party after Spock dies, that dumb ass, and top gear goes flying by in Arabic dress to be the first lambo in space.

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