T'pol in her casual atire.

For T'Pol's Mirror Universe counterpart, see T'Pol (mirror).

In the very first episode I wore Vulcan robes. I looked attractive in them. And then...

Sub-Commander/Commander T'Pol was the bitchiest Vulcan in the history of the universe and Enterprise's version of Barbie of Borg. Under an agreement with the Vulcan High Command and Earths Starfleet she was placed aboard the NX-01 Enterprise as Science and Executive Officer, serving under Captain Jonathan Archer. However she would eventually be brainwashed into "serving under" Commander Charles 'Dubya' Tucker the Third, while under the effects of Trellium D.

Unlike Voyager, which stuck some babe with big tits in a skin-tight suit in the show after Season 3, Enterprise just went and put one in the main cast of the show right from the pilot. Remember something kids. T'Pol is a glaring reason why Enterprise was so bad it was cancelled by UPN. In case anyone doesn't get that (as UPN is, and will be, dead forever) it's kinda like not being invited to a party at the Marquis De Sade's because he thinks you're "too freaky".

Um, Commander? This is gonna sound weird, but you're just reminding me more of my dead sister.

As evident in the picture on the left, T'Pol was diagnosed with scoliosis.

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