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The Lights of Zetar
TOS, Episode 3x18
Production number: 60043-73
First aired: Before HDTV
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Written By
Simon Tarses and Lamb Chop

Directed By
Herb Tarlek
5725.3 (2269)
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At planetoid Memory Alpha, an canonites is taken over by mysterious energy life-forms and comes close to kissing a girl.


This episode stars all members of TOS, and a chick that looks alot like my ex girlfriend :|

Log Entries[]

  • Captain’s log, stardate 5725.3. A hapless fan is en route to Memory Alpha. It is a web site set up by the Federation solely as a central library containing the total cultural history and scientific knowledge of all things Star Trek. With us is specialist Lieutenant Mary Sue. She is on board to supervise the transfer of Mr. Scott's hormones directly from his glands to you-know-where. And I must say she's doing a fine job of it.
  • Captain’s log, supplemental, stardate 5725.6. The storm has cleared Memory Alpha. It is heading away at incredible speed. We have been unable to make contact with the site. Even IRC is empty. Its silence is ominous. We are beaming down to investigate.

Memorable Quotes[]

Background Information[]

Maybe this explains the gaping plot holes.

Production Timeline[]

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Main cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Jan Shutan as Lt. Mary Sue
  • John Winston as Lt. Kyle
  • Libby Erwin as Memory Alpha Technician
  • William Blackburn as Hadley (uncredited)
  • Frank da Vinci as Brent (uncredited)
  • Roger Holloway as Roger Lemli (uncredited)


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