Timothy after he got dosed in Warp Field Particle Radiation.

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Timothy Vico, also known as Timothy (Vico) or Timothy of the SS Vico, was a disturbed young man famous for his assassination of Data in 2380.

Early historyEdit

Timothy was born on February 30, 2355 to Maria Vico del Toro on the SS Vico. His father was unknown. The fifteen male crewmembers of the SS Vico all agreed that it must have been some sort of immaculate conception, or a lame Star Wars/midichlorian thing. He grew up for the next 13 years aboard the Vico, where he liked to play with the shield output.

Lamest hero everEdit

Luckily, Timothy was saved from his lame life aboard that lame ship when a less lame, but lame nonetheless starship, the USS EnterpriseD, saved him. The Vico and all its crew (save Timothy, which I already mentioned, just 15 words ago) were completely and utterly destroyed (something with the shield output messing up). Timothy of course latched on to the lamest (well second-lamest) crewmember aboard the EnterpriseD, Lieutenant Cdr. NFN NMI Data. NFN and Timothy began to hang out in a really creepy way for a few weeks, and Timothy started emulating NFN, what with complex equations, no sleeping, and the ability to lift a few thousand pounds with one hand. PCP helped, I'm sure. NFN decided to stop the "relationship" (because Deanna forced him to) by reminding Timothy that everyone he ever knew were all dead, so hardy har har. They then abandoned Timothy in a shuttlecraft and blasted off to meet some Ullians for an even lamer episode... of their lives.

Later "career"Edit

Timothy just kind of lounged around, eventually reaching Earth and taking advantage of the rampant unemployment present in a moneyless society. He kept his obsession with Data, and in 2372, idiotically began sending communiques to the EnterpriseD that oddly went unanswered. He was kicked out of joining the Ultracool Starfleet Space Marines during the "War to end all (Space) Wars" for being gay (as in lame, but he was coincidentally homosexual).

After years of doing nothing that's funny enough to write here, Timothy just went all crazy and shot Data in 2380 (as I said in the opening statement, but kind of lost track of why he did it). Of course, he didn't even do that right, because "Data" was actually B-4. Man, he was lame.