Tom Paris in Starfleet issue flight suit. Careful Ladies, this flyboy is sharp.

Tom Paris was essentially a way for the writers of Voyeur to connect with their own childhoods and past times. He was thus conveniently obsessed with the 20th century: he loved playing Kill the Kraut when the Hirogen invaded the ship, he relished being stranded in 1990s Earth, and he enjoyed playing Flash Gordon Captain Proton on the holodeck. He even had his honeymoon with Tuvok in 1920s Chicago.

But while all of this may seem charming to a late-20th and early-21st century writers and audience, few have given any serious consideration to what Tom Paris represents in the 24th century. He's a nerd! One of those clowns who run around in 16th-century cosplay at Renaissancefest! It's true! What would you think if you were in the military and one of your mates kept talking about taking fencing lessons and playing Robin Hood? You'd want to get as far away from him as possible, as fast as possible!!!


  • The 37's: The nerdy side of our "ladies' man" is first hinted at when he gets turned on by Amelia Airhead's pickup truck, which conveniently found its way to the Delta Quadrant with a full tank of non-funky, four hundred year-old gasoline.
  • Future's End: Tom loves being stuck in 1990s Earth. First hints at feelings for Tuvok, telling the sexy Vulcan man to soak up some rays and take off his shirt.
  • The Killing Game: Tom loves killing Nazis. But then again, three out of five Trek series recommend Nazi plotlines (TOS, VOY, ENT all had episodes centered around them. Actually, count DS9 in there, too.
  • Course Oblivion: Formally marries Tuvok, takes honeymoon in -- you guessed it -- 20th century Earth.
  • Vis a Vis: First occurrence of the word "Oakie" in reference to Tom's obsession with working on 20th century cars.
  • Alice: Tom cheats on Tuvok with an alien ship he mistook for a muscle car.
  • Memorial: Tom, Chuckles, Neelix and Harry come back with post-traumatic stress syndrome after being trapped in a television B'Elanna bought for him at the anomaly-of-the-week discount store.
  • Homestead: Tom leaves Voyeur to live in the year 1999, where he and Tuvok will party in a time warp for the rest of their lives.
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