We meet Captain Archer, Science Officer T'Pol, and Ensign Jamaal: three characters created to illustrate not only the following examples but also to point out that, for some reason, one must include an ostensible minority even when dealing with imaginary people.

After watching way more Enterprise than is considered healthy, I have concluded (that after the first season at any rate), Travis Mayweather is probably the most likeable and maybe the most well acted of all the main characters. I think he should have got some good ole' Kirk-style action. Anthony Montgomery seemed "kick-ass" enough.

Character Bio[]

The lovable token black guy on Enterprise. He's been in space, don'cha know.

At the end of his series, both he and his mirror universe counterpart got the girl. Go Travis!

Travis did bang some alien chicks with three boobs prior to being stationed as helmsman aboard the NX-01. Again, go Travis. Other Enterprise personnel liked having Travis around for numerous reasons, not the least of which that they could use his blindingly bright smile for a light source if power ever went out on the ship. Captain Jonathan Archer valued Travis's navigational expertise, Tactical Officer Malcolm Reed citied the young officer for his bravery on multiple occassions, and fellow ensign Hoshi Sato officially reported him as "one fine piece of man-candy".

After Enterprise[]

Mayweather was a shining example of human optimism in his early career, but as the Earth-Romulan War dragged on the young man found himself unable to endure the stresses of war and became violently depressed, bitter, and withdrawn. After taking part in –and some say directly causing—the accidental killing of over 5,000 civilians in the infamous Parker Convoy Friendly Fire Incident in 2157, he lapsed into alcoholism. In the third year of United Earth's first brutal interstellar conflict he was recalled to Earth and court-martialled for the alledged sexual assault of a female subordinate. However the UE military was unwilling to face a public scandal, and dismissed all charges brought against the famous officer and covered up the incident.

Swept it under the rug, and him along with it.

However they did assign the now Commander Mayweather to training duty on orbital bases.

Mayweather left the service in early 2162. At this time family and friends noted he began showing signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome. His wife left him in October of 2163, citing allegations of physical abuse and his severe alcoholism. She she never allowed him to see his children again. Travis Mayweather shot himself in 2165, somewhere en route to the Deneva Colony.

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