Sisko is gonna score!

"Not everybody keeps their genitals in the same place, Captain."

Vorta have boobs! is a proclamation stating, essentially, that Vorta have boobs... and it's TRUE! And they are REEEAAL! Vorta are really very well-endowed, likely a result of their genetic augmentation... er, I mean, engineering. Everybody cares about this subject.

Trek Exclamations
KHAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!Ohh...shit!PA'TAK!Recalibrate the Deflector!NOOOOOOOO!!IT IS REEAAAL!It's a FAAAAKE!!!Hail them! | Fire Phasers! | Vorta have boobs! | Auto-Destruct in 5 seconds... 4, 3, 2...1Yes, sirNo, sir, and please don't shoot me like thatGFDL?! CC?! Copyrights?!! GAK!WHORE!SLUT!