Don't Drink & Drive, kids - or else you might wake up as a pregnant lizard like these poor souls!

Warp ten is a speed where horrible things happen. Captain Janeway and Chuckles were driving at Warp ten once, and then the whole universe shrank to a single point, and then they had steamy hot sex while turning into lizards.

Hell, where's the soap. I need to wash my eyes... NOW!

Background Edit

In a first draft script, it was Tom Paris who went on that gross journey of love with Janeway. This was later changed at the request of Gene Roddenberry's lawyer (who might or might not be responsible for all the evil in the world), who claimed that addressing the issues of both bestiality and sex below the age of consent in one episode would be too much for the ADD-affected audience.

In his autobiography "I'm not Chuckles", Robert Beltran would later claim that this change was actually based on a suggestion he made, because he wanted a bigger and more serious role. No one really believes him.

I mean, seriously - Janeway?!? He should have gone for that sexy Borg chick instead!