Warp Factors
Warp thirteen is wicked fast! Like, seriously.

Also seriously impossible, thanks to that stupid ST:Voyager episode that claims Warp 10 is infinite speed, and if you reach it, has the unfortunate effect of turning people into anthropomorphic newt like creatures.

But its okay, Robert Picardo will turn you back human again without ANY side effects. I mean, come on! Lets just write off that ep as a space anomaly.

Anybody wonder why they didn't just get Voyager back to Earth using the Warp 10 engines, then just issue the whole crew with this medical miracle?

And what is it with that ep where the Enterprise-D goes so fast it clearly exceeded Warp 10 and hits the edge of the known universe and beyond, or something? Blue and white clouds and points of lights snaking around the area. Riiiight.

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