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Where No Man Has Gone Before
TOS, Episode 1x01
Production number: 6149-02
First aired: Before HDTV
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Written By
Samuel A. Peeples

Directed By
James Goldstone
1312.4 (2265)
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A captain, his best friend and his girl, and a rabid Vulcan bent on destruction.
Also known as: Where Picard Will Go Again; Where No One Will Want to Go Again; Where the Frick Are We Spock?, We're Lost Again, Aren't We?, and I Told You to Buy a GPS.

Why It Was MadeEdit

The second pilot was made because the first one was two much of a smarty-pants nerd for the network. So they made this for all the rednecks of the world. Even though this is a pilot, it was aired after the first one: 'the one with the salt vampire thing'. This pilot was also a flop and millions of confused rednecks rose up and burned the set to the ground and watched while the network produced a third pilot.


On his very first mission, despite being warned of the grave danger posed by the galactic barrier, Captain James R. Kirk elected to fly into it at warp lots speed without even dispatching a class 47 probe. Almost immediately, nine crewmen were killed and two were zapped with high-intensity sparkler effects. One of these two, his best friend named Gary Mitchell (who may have been behind the whole "let's-cheat-on-the-big-test-so-Jimmy-can-sit-in-the-center-seat-and-get-me-into-space-with-him-so-I-can-finally-get-some-action-with-the-ladies" scheme), developed an odd ocular condition that caused his eyes to glow and prevented Mitchell from looking anyone in the eye for the rest of the episode.

Four years later, Mitchell was assasinated by an on-board computer while trying to repair a working antenna.

Meanwhile, the untried and immature Kirk continually ignored solid advice from his command staff. Some of the comments were sheer genius: "The only fact we know for sure was that the Valiant was destroyed," or "Well, whatever it is, contact in 12 seconds." Kirk also displayed a fair amount of bigotry toward his super-competent Science Officer Spock, who really only wanted to kill Mitchell at the earliest opportunity.

Finally Kirk vacillated his way onto planet Delta Chevy Vega, where he ultimately capitulated to Spock's whining and killed his best friend.


Starship Enterprise, on routine patrol, encounters the impossible: a black box from the SS Valiant portends bleak disaster unless they turn back. Captain James R. Kirk heeds the warning, and the episode ends.

Act OneEdit

Nothing happens.

Act TwoEdit


Act ThreeEdit


Delta Vega station dawn

Delta Vega's lithium cracking station

Act FourEdit

A cheerful, almost electronic tune plays over the end credits.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"On second thought, let's not go outside the galaxy. It is a silly place."

Background InformationEdit

2265 Fazer

This publicity photo was the first and last appearance of the phaser rifle. It also was the first and last appearance of Kirk's two-stripe rank insignia, sewn just above wrist area on the uniform. This publicity photo is the first appearance of the black uniform collar used after the second pilot episode. This exact version of Kirk's uniform never appeared in any episode, and is rarely seen in few promotional photos.

Trek FirstsEdit


Some people believe that William Shatner appeared in this episode with his own full head of hair. These people are mistaken.

Trek LastsEdit

Remastered InformationEdit

Production TimelineEdit

  • A script was written.
  • And then re-written.
  • Filming started.
  • Gary Lockwood complained about his contact lenses.
  • The production was threatened by a swarm of wasps.
  • Filming ended

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It seems undone

Kirk examines the new "plug-n-play" components on the bridge of the Enterprise. Starfleet should add counts of theft, vandalism and receiving stolen property owned by the Galactic Mining Company, to the charges and specifications for violating the Prime Directive, mutiny and jaywalking.


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Galactic barrier; Pointed Peaks

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OED; Roget's Thesaurus

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