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For canonites with no sense of humor, Memory Alpha has created a so-called article on William T. Riker.


William T. Riker was a renowned Starfleet stallion, whose conquests (and gut) rivaled those of the equally legendary Captain Kirk.

Riker revolutionized the act of calling red alert, which is now known as rikering.

He seemed to follow the rules of evil-bearded-mirror-reverse-counterpart-guy universe by staying in the second best position on a ship to avoid some imagined threat to his life. He stuck with his long assignment as first officer aboard the USS Voyeur, before finally accepting a promotion to captain of the USS Titan, so named after his own manhood-- and ego after finally overcoming his fear of being a leader.

He also got a bit fatty over time but we still love his beard.

On the television, Riker was played for one year by actor Jonathan Frakes (TNG season 1), who went on to reprise the role in (stock footage only) "Shades of Gray" and "All Good Things...", as well as playing Riker in part of Insurrection. For the rest of seasons two through seven, all video game tie-ins, and all other feature movie things, the role of Riker was played by Frakes's beard.


Without fail, Riker uses the following tactics to score with chicks:


Like Captain Kirk, Riker will try everything once, especially if it means he gets to nail a hot alien babe.

He once bragged to Tasha Yar that while visiting Kabatris, he wore furs to meet hot alien babes, and later wore feathers while visiting Armus IX to meet more hot alien babes. (TNG: "Angel One")