The World Trade Center was a pretty good center for trading with the world until friends of Khan Noonien Singh, on Khan's orders, drove some airplanes into the buildings. Since then, it hasn't been such a good place for trading with the world... not that there is really any good place in the world to trade with.

There is no actual evidence that Khan was actually involved, but there is little doubt that he was the true mastermind behind the attacks since he had control of most of the Middle East five years earlier... well, before he was ousted and forced to depart the planet in a non-existent dildo-shaped spacecraft. Regardless, we feel there must be a link between Khan and an event he wasn't here for. Also, Khan's lover, Osama bin Laden, claimed that before Khan left, he actually left a poorly written note saying:

Feed the dog, water the plants, and drive some airplanes into a few buildings while I'm gone.

According to bin Laden, they were merely fulfilling "the Khan's" wishes. Most believe that bin Laden actually is Khan in disguise. In response to the attacks on the World Trade Center, President George W. Bush exclaimed:

I believe that fish and people can co-exist... um, I mean, KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!